Shipping Guidelines

Thanks for reading our shipping guidelines. If you follow all of our suggestions below, we’ll be able to turn around your repair faster and make the process easier for everyone. It takes just a couple minutes to save many… please read it.

Please send all shipments to our DTC Location:

4610 South Ulster Street, Suite 150
Denver, CO 80237

Since iPads are the most commonly shipped items, we’re approaching these guidelines from that perspective. We have a paragraph at the bottom that offers a few tips for shipping a computer.

Backup your device

With any repair, there is a possibility of data loss. We do our best to prevent it but you can never be too cautious with backups. If you have an iCloud account, just make sure your device has backed up recently by tapping the Settings app and then iCloud. Scroll to the bottom and tap Storage & Backup. On that screen, you’ll see the last date and time your device backed up.

If you’re not using iCloud for backups, you’ll want to use iTunes for a manual backup. Plug it into your computer, open iTunes and find the device in the left sidebar. Right-click the device and choose backup. Let it finish the backup before unplugging it from the computer. Even if you’re using iCloud backups, we recommend doing an additional manual backup.


We respect everyone’s concern for securing their information… however, we must have access to your device in order to properly test the touch functionality, cameras (if any), buttons, etc. If you put a passcode on your device, we will ask for it to ensure everything works.

We’re an internet company that you’ve never used before, so here are a few tips for the security conscious.

  • We don’t want your data. We’ll never touch your data. If you don’t have anything of importance on your iPad, just send it to us and don’t worry about locking it down.
  • We’re not the risk… theft during shipping is the real risk. We repair thousands of devices each year; we would’ve conquered the world twice over if we wanted access to your information. Shipping Guidelines Photo
  • If you have sensitive information on your device (client records, work emails, etc.), we strongly encourage you to wipe it before shipping it to us — make sure you back it up first.
    • On the device itself, tap the Settings app, tap General and then tap Reset. When you reach that screen you need to choose the “Erase All Content and Settings” button. Then tap the Erase button. You’re now free to ship it; we’ll walk through the setup screens for you during testing.
  • Passcode protect your device — please read the next bullet!
    • Don’t use your normal passcode! We don’t want/need to know what it is.
    • Create a temporary passcode by tapping the Settings app, then General, then Passcode Lock. Tap “Turn Passcode On” or “Change Passcode” depending on your normal use.
    • Use our standard passcode: 4610 (our street number) or a passcode of your choosing, but do *not* forget it.
    • Please give us the new passcode — via email or phone — if you don’t want to use ours.
    • Don’t put the passcode on a piece of paper in the box; that defeats the purpose.
  • We will not ship it back to you without testing it… please follow the suggestions above to avoid delays.

Shipping methods

FedEx, UPS or USPS. Send it any way you’d like but we usually ship USPS on the way back. If you want it returned using FedEx or UPS, just let us know and we’ll let you know the price difference.

If you have an account number for either company, feel free to share it with us. We easily create a return shipping label and bill it to your account.

If you can pack the device in the original box, do it. Put that box in another box with plenty of padding to secure it from more damage. If you don’t have the original box, a few layers of bubble wrap should do the trick.

Please don’t use packing peanuts! They make a mess and we’ll charge you for the cleanup (not really… but we want to).

If insurance is your thing, use it. We make sure everything we ship is fully insured.


If you’re sending us a computer, please just make sure to password protect your user account and turn it off before boxing it up. Insure it for the current value and ship it with whatever company you trust.

Make sure you ship it in a box that doesn’t blatantly scream, “I’m a computer!” If a thief gets hold of it and has the proper know-how, they could get into your user account in less than five minutes. It’s impossible to crack an iDevice… but computers are child’s play. Now that Apple ships each computer with a restore partition, it’s even easier (that’s another topic entirely).

Other questions

If you still have questions, please give us a call. We’ll keep adding to this page as necessary. Thanks!