What are the Different Water Filter Technology and Their Uses?

Different Types of Water Filtering Technology and their uses

Do you want to know what are the different types of water filters? Choosing one water filter can be a difficult and confusing experience for you because there are different types of water filters available in the market. You can easily find various types of water filters in the market for residential and commercial purpose and they all ensure to offer something different. Some of them are easy to install but require more care and maintenance, so it becomes hard for you to make any decision.

The water filters available in the market range from simple water filters to advanced purifies that use membrane technology for water filtration and it is important for you to find the one perfect for you that fulfill all your needs and requirements.

What are the different water filter technology and their uses

What are the different water filter technology and their uses?

Here are the different types of Water Filtering Technology and their uses that give you higher satisfaction:

RO purification

Reverse osmosis or known as RO is the most common and widely used water filtration method. The Reverse Osmosis uses membrane technology to remove the impurities, dissolved salt, and germs from the water. It can separate the germs and dissolve chemicals from water with effective semipermeable membrane technology. This type of filter is popular among household use because it makes the water odor free and removes all hazardous contaminants from your water. It allows the water to pass but it rejects the dissolved liquid that purifies water. The purified water later stored in a small tank and you can take it anytime whenever you need it. Whenever you open the mounted faucet of the RO then the air pressure forces the water into another filter where it gets a final polish and you will get purified and clean water.

Activated carbon filters

The activated carbon filters are also known as the carbon or pre-carbon filters and these devices can easily remove the large particles from the water. These filters use the activated carbon for the purification process and these filters can easily remove the pesticides, impurities, and chlorine in the water to a great extent. These filters do not require electricity for the operation but they are not as effective to remove the microbes from water. The filtration also changes the odor and taste of water.

Water Filter Technology

UV Water filters

UV water purification is a method in which the ultra violet light is used in order to kill bacteria, germs, microbes and other elements in the water. In the UV filters, they have tiny mercury lamps that produce short wave UV radiation. These radiations are used to irradiate the water and it kills the cells of bacteria and also destroys the ability of bacteria and viruses to reproduce.

It is an eco-friendly option because it does not use ant heat or chemicals to purify water. The UV filters are used to soften your water and destroy the bacteria and germs that can have great risk to your health.

UF purification

Ultra filtration method is used to kill bacteria in water by using membrane technology just like the RO. The UF membrane removes all the colloidal particles in the water but it fails to remove the dissolved salt and solids. The UF purifier also removes all the bacteria and germs from the water and makes the water good in taste. UF purifies are beneficial choices if he waters supplied to your home contain less TDS and if the water is not very hard.

Candle filter purifier

The water purifiers with the candle type filter have different and very simple operating mechanism. Any particle in the water that has the bigger size than the candle pores gets blocked and not able to go to the other clean side. It does not require electricity to operate the candle filters and the water needs need to be boiled before consumption because it cannot block the microbes. It requires cleaning the candles frequently for effective operation.

So, these are the Different Types of Water Filtering Technology and their uses that you can use to remove any chemical particle and bacteria from your water. It helps you to keep you safe and secure from several health issues that can be caused due to dirty water.

How to choose the best type of water filter?

The type of fitter you choose for your home will depend on your needs and requirements. You need to look whether the water supplied in your home is hard or not or the amount of TDS in the water that can help you to make the right buying decision. In addition to this, it is also important for you to make proper research about the prices of these water filters so that you find the effective and affordable for you that require simple and easy installation process.

What are the Different Water Filter Technology and Their Uses?

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