Photography Tips

Google Contacts Sync for Mac and iOS

As we mentioned in Google Calendar Sync for Mac and iOS, we’re covering three ways to replace the syncing capabilities of MobileMe with Google Sync. With this part of the series, we’ll demonstrate contact syncing from your Gmail contacts, to your Mac’s Address Book, to your iOS device and back. This process will allow you […]

What are the Qualities that every Good Photographer Should have?

Being the best photographer is more than buying the most expensive camera gear and mastering your camera because it involves the inherent quality of a photographer that allows you to see the beauty of the unexpected places. Your photography niche makes you a good photographer because every niche has its different desirable qualities and the […]

What are the Common Camera Problem and their Solutions?

A digital camera is one of the most effective and useful electronic appliances that allows you to capture and shoot best photographs or record videos. With the help of a digital camera, you can store these photographs and memories forever without having any issue and problem. In order to make sure that your device works […]

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