A Little About Us

Rocky Mountain Mac Repair began in 2009 as a second bedroom business started by our founder, Josh Carr. Since then, we’ve grown into an international repair center. We have humble beginnings, but our hard work and high quality service has helped us become a respected name in the repair industry.

Before starting RMMR, Josh had been in the Apple repair industry for several years. Apple offered him a position at the Genius Bar during college. Shortly thereafter, he decided to make Apple his career. He obtained his “Genius” certification after completing the training courses at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. He renews his Apple Certified Macintosh Technician every year to keep up with the new technology. Certifications are important to the existence of RMMR.

After leaving the corporate world of Apple, Josh worked at a local, independent Apple Authorized Service Provider for a few years before breaking out on his own. He started RMMR to give customers the highest level of service at the best price in Denver. He soon realized that he could offer the same service on a much larger scale.

We began the jog into the online marketplace late in 2010. With our stellar reputation and online marketing prowess, several blogs began recommending our iPad repair services to their readers. It didn’t take long before we had more repair requests than our technicians could handle.

After several hiring rounds, we brought on additional technicians to help keep the turnaround time low and our customer satisfaction ratings high. They couldn’t have a more cohesive or experienced team. Each team member brings unique skills to the company and pushes it to become better with every repair.

In addition to running our repair center, Josh is an accomplished blogger — if there is such a thing — his articles have made the front page of AOL’s online publications, BBC’s website, and gaggles of tech blogs. He writes for several different websites as their resident Apple expert, but you’ll often find his hardware-related content on the RMMR blog.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Rocky Mountain Mac Repair. Please remember, we’re always here to help you figure out your best option — even if it doesn’t lead to a repair, we’ll help you determine the cheapest and most reliable solution for your device.

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